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“Your Vote Is Your Voice”: PM Modi Issues Record-High Calls for Voting

Phase Two of the Lok Sabha Elections:

It’s phase two of the Lok Sabha elections, and things are heating up with 88 seats up for grabs across 13 states.

In New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a message for all of us: let’s make history with our votes! He’s urging everyone, especially women and young folks, to come out in full force and cast their ballots. After all, your vote is your voice!

“I’m calling on every voter(voting) in their constituency to turn out in record numbers for today’s second round of the Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi ask for voting
PM Modi

Our democracy is strengthened by high voter turnout. I strongly implore our female and youth voters to cast large ballots. Your voice is expressed through your vote,” said the prime minister on Twitter.

So, let’s do our part and make our voices heard. With voting underway across 13 states, let’s show the world the power of democracy!


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