18 July 2024

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These are our top picks for Android slabs that are currently available.

We have extensively reviewed a variety of Android tablets from renowned manufacturers including Samsung, Lenovo, and Google. Our comprehensive list encompasses the finest Android tablets available in various price ranges, aiding you in selecting a suitable device that aligns with your requirements. With options ranging from under Rs.15000/- to well over Rs.85000/-, finding the ideal tablet for your needs can be a daunting task. Let our curated selection guide you towards the perfect Android tablet that strikes the right balance between functionality and price.

What qualities a decent Android tablet should have

We examine a number of specifications and features in addition to price when assessing new gadgets. The type of display a tablet has is among the most crucial elements. Not just how big it is (from less than seven inches to more than 14 inches), but also what kind of panel it utilises (LCD, Mini LED, OLED, etc.) and how bright it becomes (preferably up to 400 nits). However, the list doesn’t end there. Other important factors to take into account include colour saturation and accuracy, refresh rate (the higher the better in most situations), and other factors that may help establish if a tablet is appropriate for jobs like editing photos or videos.

An important benchmark is performance as well. After all, nobody like dealing with latency or glitches, particularly gamers for whom those issues may make or ruin their experience. Nevertheless, a powerful chip alone won’t make a smartphone seem genuinely quick. It may take a while to download files or open programmes on a tablet with poor storage or wifi access. In general, we want 128GB of storage and at least 8GB of RAM; microSD expandability is a huge plus.

Because many tablets are intended to be used while travelling or working on the go, battery life is another important consideration. This implies that it’s important to take into account a device’s battery capacity in addition to its recharge speed and compatibility for extras like wireless power sharing and docking.

And last, there are more specialized capabilities that may assist customise a tablet for certain use cases like productivity or drawing, such pen support, dedicated desktop modes, and expandable storage. Finally, but just as importantly, a device’s durability may be greatly increased by design elements like water and dust resistance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Pic By Henry T. Casey, CNN

Screen size: 11 to 14.6 inches | Memory: 8GB | Storage capacity: 128GB or 256GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 12MP | Rear camera resolution: 13MP + 8MP ultra-wide on some models | Weight: 500 to 730 grams


The obvious choice if you’re looking for a tablet that can do everything is Samsung’s top Galaxy Tab S9 series. It has a built-in stylus and a function called DeX mode that offers a specialised work environment akin to what you’d find on a conventional PC. Beautiful 120Hz OLED screens, quick Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, and an abundance of accessories like detachable keyboards and coverings are other features of this line of tablets. There are three sizes available, ranging from 11 inches to an enormous 14.6-inch variety, so there’s bound to be one that meets your requirements. The one significant drawback is their high cost, with a Rs.55000/- starting point. However, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is unbeatable if you’re looking for an Android tablet that is really premium.


 Lenovo Tap P12


Screen size: 12.7 inches | Memory: 8GB | Storage capacity: up to 256GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 13MP | Rear camera resolution: 8MP | Weight: 612 grams


The Lenovo Tab P12 is a fantastic choice for anybody looking for an affordable all-purpose slate. With a price tag of under Rs.25000/-, it has a huge 12.7-inch 3K display, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and microSD card expansion for those who want additional space for video and programmes. The Tab P12 has five floating windows that may be displayed for multitasking, as well as a pen for sketching and taking notes. It also has a version of Android that is more stock-like than that found on Samsung tablets, yet simplified. Its large 10,200 mAh battery should also give more than enough power for work or pleasure.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro


Screen size: 10.1 inches | Memory: 3GB | Storage capacity: 32GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 5MP | Rear camera resolution: 5MP | Weight: 635 grams


Regarding tablets for kids, Amazon is the industry leader. Along with better features and performance than earlier generations, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro also has a longer battery life—up to 13 hours. A 10.1-inch 1080p screen with excellent clarity, expandable storage, and a protective cover to withstand dips and tumbles are all included. What truly makes the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro stand out, though, is that it comes with a two-year “worry-free” warranty, meaning that if it breaks or gets damaged, you can receive a replacement for free. This is in addition to a convenient parental control feature and a free one-year membership to Amazon Kids+. This tablet has nearly all the features you would want and need for a kids tablet at a price that is reasonable, with prices beginning at Rs.12500/-.

Google Pixel Tablet

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Screen size: 10.95 inches | Memory: 8GB | Storage capacity: up to 256GB | | Front camera resolution: 8MP |

Rear camera resolution: 8MP | Weight: 490 grams

Google’s Pixel Tablet is a great option for families seeking a shared tablet to place in the living room or kitchen since it combines the functionality of a slate with that of a smart home control centre. It features an optional speaker dock that charges the tablet in between uses and significantly improves the audio quality.Additionally, Google sells a protective cover with an integrated ring-shaped kickstand that makes it simple to hang or set up the Pixel Tablet almost anyplace. Additionally, the Pixel Tablet is an excellent solo tablet thanks to its brilliant 11-inch display, 12-hour battery life, and Google’s Tensor G2 engine.



Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+


Screen size: 11 inches | Memory: up to 8GB | Storage capacity: up to 128GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 5MP | Rear camera resolution: 8MP | Weight: 480 grams


The Galaxy Tab A9+ does a good job of covering all the essentials, even if it may not be as sophisticated or exciting as Samsung’s more costly models. It has a large 11-inch LCD screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a sizable 7,400 mAh battery. Additionally, even though the meagre 128GB of internal storage is the maximum, there is a microSD card slot for additional storage if needed. Optional 5G connection is an additional benefit, as most smartphones in this price range do not have it.

Unfortunately, the Tab A9+ lacks significant water resistance and its cable charging isn’t particularly quick at 15 watts. However, it is to be anticipated with inexpensive options. Additionally, I wish there had been more RAM than 4GB on the base model. But for Rs.18500/- (or less, depending on discounts), you can still obtain a very fast and reasonably priced tablet if you upgrade to the one with 8GB of RAM.


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