18 July 2024
Solar Eclipse 2024

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The Eclipse Myth: A Legend

Eclipses are connected to the celestial beings Rahu and Ketu in Hindu mythology. It is stated that a fight between the gods and the demons over the pot of nectar started when the ocean was churning. At that moment, the nectar was deceitfully consumed by Rahu, a demon. The gods told Lord Vishnu of this, and he used his Sudarshan Chakra to cut off Rahu’s head. Rahu and Ketu are said to have broken apart from Rahu’s body, and ever since, they have been seeking retribution by frequently creating eclipses, particularly on the Sun and the Moon.”

Date, Time, and Details of the 2024 Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of the year, which falls on the day of Chaitra Amavasya, is rapidly approaching. The solar eclipse this time around is scheduled for Monday, April 8. The eclipse will have a midway at 11:47 PM and end at 2:22 AM. It will start at 9:12 PM. The duration of this complete solar eclipse is five hours and ten minutes.

The first solar eclipse of the year is particularly noteworthy since it is the longest total solar eclipse in 54 years. Let’s explore the details of a complete solar eclipse and why they are so unique.

Eclipse of the Sun
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The First Solar Eclipse of 2024’s Date and Times:

On Monday, April 8, the solar eclipse of 2024 is scheduled to take place. It starts at 9:12 p.m. and ends at 2:22 a.m. This eclipse will have a midpoint at 11:47 p.m. Both the Revati Nakshatra and the Meena Rashi will be able to see this eclipse. There won’t be a Sutak time connected to it, though, as it won’t be visible in India.

Will India be able to use Sutak?

Sutak time will not apply here as the eclipse would not be seen in India. Therefore, for those living in India during this eclipse, there will be no physical, spiritual, or religious ramifications. Scriptures state that an eclipse’s effects are perceived only in the areas where it is visible.

54-year record for longest solar eclipse:

The first solar eclipse of this year is being praised as being really unique. This complete solar eclipse, which is slated for April 8, is thought to be the longest in 54 years. This eclipse, which originates in the South Pacific Ocean, will be visible in Canada, Mexico, and Northern America but not in India.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, What Takes Place?

When the Sun, Moon, and Earth form a straight line, a total solar eclipse takes place, leaving a portion of the Earth’s surface in absolute darkness. This phenomena is seen with the unaided eye and doesn’t require any specialised gear.

Where and When to See the Eclipse of the Sun:

India will not be able to see this solar eclipse, but Canada, Northern America, and Mexico will be able to. It will also be visible in French Polynesia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Dominica.


Process of Solar Eclipse

Things to Do and Not Do During a Solar Eclipse



  • When there is an eclipse, stay away from abandoned locations and cemeteries as it is said that bad energy will be in the air.
  • Astrology says that during the eclipse, one should not sleep or thread a needle.
  • Avoiding travel and close physical contact is advised during this period.



  • After the eclipse, take a holy water bath. Make your house and gods pure.
  • During the eclipse, keep your distance from the sun with your eyes.
  • Avoid going outside during the eclipse and make sure you don’t do anything improper
  • Worship Lord Hanuman to receive protection after the eclipse.


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